Ryobi BTS10 Dewalt Makita pressrelease

If you were injured or know someone who was injured using a consumer grade table saw that plugs into a 110V wall outlet please let us know approximate when and where and the name of the product if known to help us bring a halt to this wreckless practice of producing and marketing such hazardous products. i heard of several ppl whom had such incident without being represented because they didn't know the product was at fault. Also discovered from the medical community that this is a common occurrence. we aim to establish just how common and expose the heinous practice causing perhaps billions in injury and losses in wrongful product manufacturing and marketing.

it's possible that your input helps to bring a class of action suit against the tool industry resulting in compensation. it is our goal to stop this industry practice and compensate all those who directly lost bc of these injuries or burdened wo compensation due to these injuries by caring for ppl who were injured.

contact us at anthony@fockewulfracing.com








Originally a table saws were developed into a heavy workshop fixture with a large solid table top work area, crafted with high speed spindle precision mechanicals, plugged into a 50A 220V mains to deliver a standard of safe accurate sawing jobs all day long. such as needed for cabinetry, shelving, doors, windows, furniture industries etc..

it's been well known by the most observant that kickback hazards have been increasingly more common since industry has been developing 110V perversions of table saws which could be plugged into common wall outlets. the Ryobi BTS series and the like portable perversions are the epitome of this wreckless industry practice which finally must be well known and stopped.

our woodshop teacher warned against using these lighter duty products for standard work.

and we are echoing that warning again here Please stay away even if you come across one fateful day when the easiest thing seems to be to compromise because you have just one cut to make and the products have been sold for so long you might be let to test whether electric motor technology which can deliver that smooth clean cut that you require from a 110V wall outlet packaged into a product sold by a popular brand. It cannot!

the products are too cheap the design layout is not there the precision is not there And the nature of 110V single phase motors cant deliver

you know how touchy it can be to get consistent clean cuts using a circular hand saw especially on rip cuts. imagine that flipped over exposing you to the business end adding the hazards of additional not cutting tool spindle quality mechanicals to the works And a larger blade to exaggerate inadequacies through the increased leverage making it even harder on the apparatus to perform.

Stay Away

Ppl in our overwhelmed perspective of self, tend to b deceitful. Industry cannot be trusted especially when it comes to protecting themselves from product liability and preserving a reputation for having a product fit for use. They exploit ways of Bamboozling the public. They go as far as bribery and intentionally discrediting witnesses and victims to propagate their false image disconnected from the truth of their faults. Establishing tolerance for wrongful n reckless precedent. Not too far from Toyota Lexus Covering up the cause of wrongful deaths in their unintended sudden acceleration scandal, which is the same sinister activity as conspiring to murder.